Forrester’s 2013 B2B CMO Imperatives, is full of smart insights that made me realize B2B marketing is catching up with B2C at a much faster rate. I love how the “Customer” is touted as the heart to any strategy.  Here are the 5 highlights that all make tremendous sense. 

  1. The customer needs to be front and center in marketing strategy. The ability to generate actionable insights is being touted as the path to drive positive business outcome. This is the heart of any successful strategy!

  2. There is a need to increase the amount of “scientific talent” on the team to not just analyze the data but to create data-driven insights that further drive the strategy. They go on to mention how Analytics initiatives will surge in the C-Suite in 2013 looking to mine “smart, rather than big data”.

  3. Marketing automation is judged to be a critical capability for driving business outcome. A Marketo case study is mentioned as a method that tripled the opportunity while increasing efficiency.

  4. The significance of investing in mobile as a key engagement platform along with iPad applications is underscored as a must have. Their quote is that “Customers will have little patience for companies that can’t engage with them via mobile devices”. 

  5. Content is included as a key pillar to any successful B2B strategy. You have to love this quote: “Unlike advertising that helps build awareness, relevant content that delivers a high level of engagement and actionable value is crucial to building brand preference.” Along these lines Forrester talks about short customer attention spans and the move to more “snackable” content that is easily shared and digested. Short videos are highlighted as key assets. 

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