Recruiting in the Digital World

I’m just now discovering the many ways one can use the web for recruiting talent online. I am on assignment for The Clorox Company helping them to recruit outstanding Digital Brand Managers. Here are things that I am learning so far. Please add to this wherever you can. 

There seem to be 3 primary Social Media tools in addition to all the job posts you already know about on Monster, Career Builder, craigslist, University websites, vertical media sites, etc.

  1. The first and best is Linkedin. If you do not have an account, get one now. It is not just for job seekers, it is the ultimate networking site for business professionals helping them seek answers to a myriad of questions, stay connected with colleagues and get quick perspective on people you may be meeting with.

    So far I am learning, some clever ways to recruit on Linkedin:

    1. Generate word of mouth buzz by writing letters to your network and asking them both for good candidates and people they may know who do. You can also approach their connections by way of an introduction. This can be especially helpful as you search for people with your expected level of expertise. Within your note put together a compelling summary of the role. You can post the full brief to a website and/or create a doc that can be forwarded. 

    2. Post the job on Linkedin Jobs. You may need to pay for this but its worth it.

    3. Post a question about who may have the level of experience you are looking for.

    4. Update your status with what you are looking for. This generates response as your connections can see your status and may opt for emails when you change it.

  2. The second opportunity is Twitter. Post a description of what you are looking for to Twitter and then provide a link with more details. A friend recently got 300 people to look at an opening from the Twitter link. This is another good reason to build up a list of followers on Twitter.

  3. The third is Facebook. I am just learning about this. Create a group around what you are looking for. For example, “Clorox is hiring Digital Brand Leaders”. You will then need to drive traffic to this but some people will join as they search for your company. Again, per my last blog, it’s smart to get up on Facebook. If you built a Fan Page for your company, you can post jobs there.

I would love to hear some other ideas too.

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