Facebook and the Red Dragon

With all the talk of privacy on Facebook this week and the ease with which its so easy to throw your life up on it for all to see, it may be time to reassess what goes up. Look, I have two Teenagers myself and the nonchalant way we make our lives, homes and friends accessible to anyone is frightening.

That’s where the Red Dragon comes in. Remember Francis Dolarhyde aka the Red Dragon, devoted admirer of Hannibal Lecter. He was a serial killer who chose his victims from films and photos he processed at his job in the film-processing laboratory. Through his exposure to the negatives, he targeted families, determined their family size, homes, entrances, behavior, etc. You get the picture. He obviously didn’t have a Facebook account. He wouldn’t need to operate secretly. Everything is up on the web for all to see. 

I was joking with Bruce Mowery today, how people these days even post that they are off to Hawaii on vacation i.e. “my house is unoccupied.”

So, besides setting your privacy controls carefully, take caution in what you post and make available to others. Never make your private life accessible to “Everyone.”

Facebook is great but don’t let it give your life away. And make sure your kids get that too.

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