Ideas That Close Sales.

Recent assignments have included creating the messaging foundation and plans for three healthcare companies, improving the digital marketing efforts of a leading CPG company, and the sales and marketing launch of a revolutionary new Web software development tool. Expertise covers the full marketing and agency spectrum:

  •     Superior Brand Positioning
  •     Business Building Insights
  •     Messaging Development
  •     Fully Integrated Campaigns
  •     Total Web marketing
  •     Public relations
  •     Tradeshows and events
  •     Direct marketing and advertising
  •     Sales Support Materials
  •     Marketing & Agency Organization
  •     VP-Marketing Outsourcing
  •     Agency evaluation and hiring

“Peter has done a lot for P&G all around the world and I can only speak highly of him.”

Robert A. McDonald
Former Chairman of the Board
President and Chief Executive Officer
Procter & Gamble

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